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One-Line Stories

Write tiny stories for our game.
Really tiny - like a single-panel cartoon - or a meme!
Each story presents an imaginative situation (fun, funny, funky)
The player sees the situatiion in a single snapshot.
Then one character says one line.

Then the player reponds.
It's all over in 30 seconds.
Each story fits one of our templates, and teaches a psychological principle -cognitive bias.

Some stories advance the game's narrative arc.
Most are just random fun presented in the game as "virtual reality lessons".


Funny with occasional drama. The year is 2048, so it's near-future science fiction. No pop-culture gags.


$2000 for 40 stories. (Tough patterns pay more than easy ones. Max: $100).
Write one or write forty. Or heck, write eighty if you like.


All entries are anonymized and shuffled before judging.
Our editors filter out stories that do not fit the template, then choose the most clever and fun.
Each story is chosen and paid individually. Some may have no worthy entries.


Ends Saturday, February 27, 2021.
By participating, you agree to keep our materials in confidence.

We never use your original ideas without paying you.
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